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Latest News 4th June 2019


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From Head of Production: Deborah Forrest

Midway through 2019, we've been busy with a number of new projects which we'll mention more about in due course. We finished a model railway project which has led to spin-offs currently in the planning.

Building a Model Railway

After spending nine months building a model railway in one of our studio offices, we produced a 60 minute film showing how we built it step-by-step. From planing and design to construction of buildings, scenery and backdrop, the entertaining and educational film, aimed at newcomers and enthusiasts alike, presents an overview 'How To' for each stage of the hobbycraft process. Using products from model railway companies such as Bachmann, Hornby, Gaugemaster, PECO, Metcalfe Models, Javis, Woodland Scenic and Oxford Diecast (to name a few), it has already been well received by both model manufacturers and retailers and is now available to purchase from: (our new website)

Although currently available only in VoD, the film will be ready for purchase on DVD shortly.

Building a Model Railway DVD

The Spirit of Discovery

Our last project that took 2 years to complete has recently won Best Educational Documentary 2018 and was produced for the organisation ‘Truth in Science’ and the DVD is called The Spirit of Discovery which is available from our shop. A special cut of the project has been sent to over 7500 educational departments throughout the UK & Ireland. The project focuses on critical thinking in the science classroom. Part dramatisation, filming involved 20 actors on location in the South of England and interviews with scientists from a number of countries covering a wide range of topics.

Spirit of Discovery DVD

Three Titles - One Special Price!

3 Titles available for one special price.

See our special offer on the purchase of three of our DVD titles, The Daniel Project, The Daniel Connection and The Lamplight Project - Go to Shop for Details.

The Lamplight Project – New for 2019 (version 2)

2016 saw the completion of our production The Lamplight Project, a gargantuan 12 part presentation with over 4 hours of film, CGI, graphics and international interviews from academics, scholars and researchers .

2019 sees version 2, a re-edit that introduces Dr Darrell Bock, Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

See trailer and website:

The Lamplight Series

Latest Distribution News for 2019

The Daniel Project documentary, acquired by Australian distributor Oovvuu for digital rights for Australasian territories, can be viewed on-line on a number of channels. In the UK – the award winning distributor Journeyman Pictures acquired The Daniel Project in regard to global territories. The documentary can be seen on Amazon Prime TV.

The Daniel Connection - California Pictures, to date, has signed contracts with Scandinavian distibutor, Sandrew Metronome, Chinese and Korean distributors, and recently has finalised a contract with USA, UK, Australian and other English speaking territories. Details are to follow.

The Daniel Connection Premiered in Edinburgh 22nd Novermber

Opening to a full house at Cineworld - we could not have hoped for a better response and who better than the audience to tell you what they felt.

"What a truly incredible film! Gripping from the start, it drew the viewer in… first class cinematography with a soundtrack which kept the audience in a state of tension and expectancy - excellent!"

As the audience filed out of the theatre, comments were captured on camera…

"Gripping, Stunning, Fantastic, Wonderful, Challenging, Thought-provoking…"

The Daniel CONNECTION poster

The Daniel Connection Premiere Night Short Film

Go behind the scenes and watch a short film of the premiere night. Keep upto date with the latest news, reviews and comments and join us on Facebook and visit the official website

California Pictures Acquires The Daniel CONNECTION

American distributor, California Pictures Inc. based at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and Studio Scotland Ltd finalised contracts on the 1st of September 2014 for The Daniel CONNECTION full length feature film.

"The Daniel CONNECTION for me is one of a kind in that it will affect people differently in some way at the end of the film, which is powerful… it changes the conversation. Change in life is powerful and bad or good it always moves life forward… this film will affect everyone in different ways. Not a film anyone can forget that's for sure… those are the best kind of films"
- Ashleigh Hubbard (Sales Director - CF)

Press releases will be going out in due course. Get all the latest news from Facebook

The Daniel CONNECTION website
The Daniel CONNECTION on facebook


The Daniel CONNECTION film


Cannes A Success for Studio Scotland’s Latest Film Project

Studio Scotland meets with success at the Cannes Film Market with the full length feature film The Daniel CONNECTION. This full length feature apocalyptic thriller is based around the successful television documentary - The Daniel Project. Head of Production Deborah Forrest and production assistant Valerie Camp met with a number of distributors. After much consideration contracts were signed with California Pictures in September 2014.

Sony Europe Showreels 2015

With our extensive use of Sony Hi End XDCAM HD422 products Studio Scotland continues to provide Hi Definition footage incorporated into Sony's showreels for international professional trade shows and presentations.

Studio Scotland & The Master Stroke DVD Tutorial Series

The Master Stroke Surface Repair of Masonry DVD

Studio Scotland, producers of The Master Stroke series, released their latest Lime Mortar production DVD, titled, Surface Repair of Masonry. At nearly 90mins long, this DVD covers a wide range of stone and masonry repair techniques and the use of Lithomex lime mortar.

Filming took place in both controlled training environments and on-site projects showing detailed examples of a variety of work. Colour matching, mixing, tooling and creative approaches are just some of the topics covered in this exciting DVD.

Haynes Period Property Manual

The latest period property manual written by Ian Rock, was released by "Haynes" in June 2012. Studio Scotland provided a wide selection of stills photographs from the DVD series "The Master Stroke Tutorial DVD Series". The images were reformatted from the High Definition film masters to accompany this latest work by the author.

"For the forthcoming Haynes Period Property Manual we were looking for technical images... Studio Scotland came up trumps..."
- Ian Rock MRICS (Chartered Surveyor & Author)

The Daniel CONNECTION Full Length Feature Film

Based on the popular international TV documentary The Daniel Project, the full length feature film was completed after 14 months of filming and editing. While classed as an indie film, there is no doubting its high quality production looks and sound. Staring international actress Caroline Goodall, UK actor Gray O’Brian and presenting American actress Morgan Carberry, the film has a number of television actors in supporting roles. See above for latest details.

The Daniel Connection Film

The Daniel Project Documentary:

The Daniel Project image

This 90 minute feature documentary has been acquired by a number of networks such as FOX, National Geographic, The History Channel, SKY TV and Netflix. This popular film is available on DVD in a number of languages.

5 years research and 2 years in the making, distributor Mercury Media International acquired the documentary in March 2011. Visit The Daniel Project website for the full story, latest news, reviews, interviews, behind the scenes and much more. Check out the latest 5 star reviews from around the world on The Daniel Project Review page.

"The Daniel Project" Spanish / Portuguese

The Daniel Project is available with Latin American Spanish, Portuguese and English subtitling. This special edition single DVD disc product is only available in NTSC. Visit the new subtitle websites.

Subtitle case cover

Film-On-Demand - Netflix

The Film-On-Demand channel NetFlix acquired The Daniel Project for the USA, UK and Scandinavian territories and ran the documentary for two years.

Studio Scotland & RED Cameras

At the beginning of 2012, Studio Scotland began production of their latest feature film The Daniel CONNECTION. The choice was made to purchase a fully accessorised RED One system complete with 6 PL Cine RED Pro Prime lenses and a host of attachments. – Final Cut Pro X was employed to manage and edit the RED Raw 4K workflow utilising a RED Rocket graphics card to allow full debayer 4K editing.

The film was completed as a 4K master and supplied to distributor California Pictures as an Apple Pro Res 4K 4444 Master. For the premiere in Edinburgh on one of the largest theatre screens the film was mastered to Blu-Ray instead of the usual DCP (J-Peg 2000) file. The image and sound on screen was excellent, even the manager of the theatre commented on the high quality of the image. Certainly, RED 4k down conversion to Blu-Ray will not disappoint.

Studio Scotland puts the RED ONE MX to the Test

Having followed the development of the RED ONE camera system since its launch back in 2006, Studio Scotland acquired the RED ONE MX camera and cine lenses. The team have put this camera through numerous tests Click for the RED One MX Review or go behind the scenes of the making of The Daniel CONNECTION feature film

Studio Scotland Preferred Supplier for 'Crew4U' Network

London based crewing agency Crew4U contracts Studio Scotland for production projects. The company takes a great deal of pride in only hiring the very best to provide a service for major corporations and broadcast clientele worldwide.

Stewart Menelaws Member of 'Crews Control' Network

USA based crewing agency Crews Control contracts Studio Scotland’s, Director of Photography Stewart Menelaws for professional DoP services. The company takes a great deal of pride in only hiring the very best to provide a service for major corporations and broadcast clientele worldwide.

Studio Scotland receives Certificate of Achievement

Studio Scotland received a Certificate of Achievement for winning two FB Diversity Awards in the Diversity Category of Supported Employment. The certificates were awarded by Fife Councillor, Tim Brett in acknowledgement of the tremendous success of Fife-based companies and organisations which took the lion's share of national awards throughout Scotland.

Studio Scotland MD, Stewart Menelaws, receiving one of three business awards.
Left to right: Studio Scotland MD Stewart Menelaws, Councillor Tim Brett, Soundman Keith Elman, receiving the Certificate of Achievement.

Studio Scotland Wins National Business Award

Studio Scotland received a bronze national award at the BBC Pacific Quay for their acknowledged effort in supporting their employees, demonstrating creativity, resourcefulness and originality in the workplace. Studio Scotland would like to thank all those involved in making this achievement possible with special thanks to Linda Abbott, Fife Employment Access Trust / Journey to Work, for her nominations and, for their support, Graham Maxwell & Elaine Richards, also of FEAT. The award will be displayed prominently and serve as reminder to staff that success is achieved though perseverance and teamwork.

Studio Scotland Wins Regional Business Award

Studio Scotland received a silver regional award at a ceremony held in Kinghorn, Fife, for supporting their employees, demonstrating creativity, resourcefulness and originality in the workplace. A special thanks to all involved in making this award possible - Linda Abbott, Fife Employment Access Trust / Journey to Work, Graham Maxwell and Elaine Richards.

Sony Professional Independent Certified Expert (ICE)

DP Stewart Menelaws is an appointed ICE member for Sony Europe Limited and has been interviewed in a number of magazine articles for The Producer where he explains the benefits of Sony's XDCAMHD products in the field ...more

Studio Scotland puts Sony's NXCAM HXR-NX5E to the Test

The AVCHD format is a highly efficient data compression technology - MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 enabling an impressive amount of digital information to be recorded onto inexpensive media. Sony NXCAM HXR-NX5E Review

Studio Scotland Tests Sony's XDCAM HD422

Studio Scotland have been using XDCAMHD products almost since its conception. The main backbone for both corporate and broadcast production projects are shot on our PDW-700 XDCAMHD 422 camera system. Both camera and codec have been used on numerous projects, from the heat of the Negev Desert to the dark wine cellars of Santenay. The image quality and production value from this full raster 1920x1080p 422 camera is excellent. See our reviews below.

Studio Scotland Equipment Reviews

RED ONE MX Camera Review

RED ONE MX Working Update

Sony Independent Certified Experts Review

Sony XDCAM HD 422 Review

Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD Review

Sony F350 XDCAM HD Review

Sony NXCAM HXR-NX5E Review

DVTEC DV Eng Rig Review

LED Lighting Review

Studio & Location Lighting Review

Hague Ladder Dolly Review

Kessler Crane Review

Ricsonix Camlynx Wi-Fi Mic Review

Redrock Micro Follow Focus Review

Redrock Micro Mattebox Review

Flight Cases & Bags Review

Equipment for Sale

Studio Scotland in the News

MyT4Van Magazine - Click here to view this PDF document.  

Lee Davis' T4 van beast creation is used in the apocalyptic thriller, THE DANIEL CONNECTION and featured in magazine My T4 Van. Mag staff interviews the film's head of production, Deborah Forrest, to find out just how they planned to use the van in the film.

Click the image on left to read the article.

Sony Producer Magazine - Click here to view this PDF document.  

The Autumn 2010 issue of Sony's The Producer features three of Studio Scotland's international clients, Brand-Rex, Wine Importers and Chardon Wines. Showcasing images from their latest promotional movies, The Producer asks DoP Stu Menelaws about his filming techniques for these projects.

Click the image on left to read the articles.

Click here to find out more about the Scottish Whisky Reception ‐ MIPCOM TV entertainment market, Cannes.  

This October MipCom (The world's entertainment content market) will host a Scottish whisky reception where, of course, Studio Scotland will, once again, be represented at the UK Indies Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival. Deborah will comment further on this shortly.

Click the image on left to view details.

Click here to read this Broadcast Magazine article (PDF).  

Studio Scotland's Deborah Forrest gave her take on the future of documentaries in a 'Hot Docs' special as she was interviewed by Broadcast Magazine while attending the Toronto Hot Docs Film Festival in Canada. Not all is doom and gloom but...

Click the image on left to read the article.

Click here to go to the Visor Down site.  

British motor cycle champion Niall Mackenzie is filmed by Studio Scotland as he put a Yamaha R1 through its paces at Knockhill Racing Circuit as featured in Visor Down magazine, highlighting a rather unexpected ending to the day's shoot.

Click the image to left to watch the footage on the Visor Down online magazine.

Click here to read the article, A Country Retreat, in Sony's The Producer magazine (PDF).  

Studio Scotland again featured in Sony's high-end camera trade magazine, The Producer. This time around, in the Autumn '09 issue - titled A Country Retreat, the article highlights Studio Scotland's upgrade to Sony's sharpest digital camera to date, the 422 PDW-700.

Click the image on left to read the article or Sony XDCAM HD 422 Review.

Click here to read the Fife Business magazine article: Eco-friendly panels are in the spotlight (PDF)  

Studio Scotland featured in the Fife Business mag, FB - May '09 issue. The article, titled Eco-friendly panels are in the spotlight, reports on Studio Scotland's lighting equipment changeover to the more energy efficient and 'kinder to the environment' LED lighting panels.

Click the image on left to read the article.

Click here to read about Sony's hi-def broadcast video capture format XDCAM HD in The Producer (PDF format).  

Studio Scotland featured in Sony's trade magazine, The Producer. The article highlights Studio Scotland's adoption of Sony's high definition broadcast video capture format XDCAM HD.

Click the image on left to read the article.


While this article is now history, the GYHD 101E HDV camera which was one of the first of the new entries into the affordable world of high definition production, was used for a wide selection of work. Sadly, JVC products did not progress as we had hoped and we dropped the format for Sony's XDCAMHD.

In this article, JVC Professional Broadcast featured Studio Scotland in the Special Edition of their Highway magazine. Having shot many commercial productions with their GYHD 101E HDV camera when it was first released, Studio Scotland was asked by JVC to provide a number of images to be incorporated into JVC marketing materials.
Highway Magazine Article (pdf)

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News Archive 1 (2009 - 2012)
News Archive 2 (2007 - 2009)

Corporate Film Project Archives

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Studio Scotland Ltd

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Theatrical, Broadcast, Corporate, Industrial & Web Productions, Hi Definition, DVD, Multimedia & Web Formats

Video Production Services throughout Central Scotland:
Fife – Edinburgh & Midlothian – Dundee & Tayside - Perthshire – Stirlingshire – Scottish Borders

Over twenty-five years experience working worldwide.



From Creative Director: Stewart Menelaws

If you have a film/video project that’s important to you, then you need the services of an experienced production company. Gives us a call, drop us an email… come for a coffee… have a wee read of our testimonials. We are here to help. TEL: 01383 415690 or email Studio Scotland.

Corporate & Commercial Productions: Examples
(We do not show projects where we have been sub-contracted or covered by Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Hilton Hotels - Coylumbridge

Hilton was looking for something extra special for their Coylumbridge resort, set in the heart of the stunning Cairngorms National Park. Requiring two marketing films promoting the many features of the resort to couples looking for a romantic getaway and families with young children, the film crew spent four full days capturing a feast of shots.

Hilton Hotels - Dunkeld

Hilton Dunkeld is set in a beautiful location and having filmed there in previous years we were familiar with the landscape and the every changing seasons. Setting up at 6.00am down by the river could be a magical experience as the swirling mist rolled down the river and the rising sun pierced the early morning dew with rays of light. Every minute that passed, the light would change – a beautiful sight but often frustrating to film.

Clan Anderson

Having recently shot a great deal of footage throughout Scotland for an Austrian TV Documentary programme in regard to the YES / NO campaign, it seemed appropriate to be contracted to work for the Clan Anderson Family and to that end we met with the Chief of Clan Anderson, Mr. Hope-Vere Anderson.

Pearsons of Duns

Located in the Scottish Borders, Coal & Builders Merchant Pearson’s of Duns commissioned Studio Scotland to produce both a promotional film and a product tutorial. Completed on time and budget, the films are now being used to promote this long established business.

Knockhill TV / Radio Commercials

Knockhill was looking for something a little different for their latest TV commercial and the crew hot off their latest film set spent a day laying dolly tracks, rigging lights and smoke machines to create something with a little more atmosphere. Voice over was from the great racing presenter legend - Murray Walker.

Crieff Hydro Hotel Commercials

Longstanding client Crieff Hydro Hotel, once again, contracted Studio Scotland to produce a number of television commercials to be aired on STV over the autumn and Christmas periods.

Winning Scotland Foundation

Winning Scotland Foundation

The Winning Scotland Foundation (WSF), contracted the team at Studio Scotland to create and shoot nine short films that would dramatise issues faced by young adults, parents and coaches in the world of amateur football. For more information about this project go to 'Behind the Scenes'

"Studio Scotland have consistently produced extremely high quality work for the Positive Coaching Scotland programme. We presented them with a number of challenging situations... we have been delighted with the outputs; highly recommended!"
-Grant Small (Programme Manager, Winning Scotland Foundation)

Distell Ltd

Multi-language / multi-media instructional films for Distell Ltd

Global leader in fish and meat measurement products, Distell, contracted Studio Scotland to create a series of multi media films in a range of international languages. Multi-media support, provided by Studio Scotland, will enable these films to be viewed from a smart phone on the deck of a deep sea fishing trawler in the Bearing Sea to an I-Pad on the floor of a busy meat market in Argentina.

"With Studio Scotland, it is more than just dealing with a production company. The team actually care and take the time to listen. Working with them is simple and straightforward, the level of professionalism and due diligence is second to none. This clearly shows in the end results which exceeded our expectations."
-David Fulton (Managing Director -

Knockhill Racing Circuit

Latest project for Knockhill Racing Circuit

Studio Scotland continues to produce a long list of filming projects for Knockhill, be it TV commercials, DVDs, Web Movies, Plasma Screen Displays, PowerPoint Presentations and Marketing Films. To achieve dynamic action footage, helicopters, cranes and vehicle mounts have been used to capture fast action shots with cameras, at times, inches from the ground at speeds of up to 80mph.

"Able to produce top class results - on time and on budget. Studio Scotland is much, much more than just a creative production company - they are a team of professional individuals who collectively have a tremendous wealth of experience..."
-Stuart Gray (Sales & Marketing Director - Knockhill Racing Circuit) ...more

Laing O'Rourke

Lang O'Rourke has won many awards for their prestigious construction projects throughout the UK. As a company with an excellent reputation for quality they were looking for a production company that would best project their corporate image. Studio Scotland were contracted to meet a demanding project and delivered on time and budget.

The Wider Access Forum

In recent times the UK Government has backed a drive to promote science in education in a bid to encourage youngsters into this field of learning and Fife based The Wider Access Forum contracted Studio Scotland to create an educational DVD that would show the lives of young adults who have embarked on various careers..

...Studio Scotland was fantastic to work with. They really listened to us and got behind the concept immediately. We would highly recommend Studio Scotland to others and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.
-Sarah Morrison (Wider Access Development Officer)

Bosch - Global Impressions 125 years: Schottland

Bosch - Global Impressions 125 years: Schottland

International engineering giant, Bosch, celebrated its125th birthday. To commemorate the event, 125 photographers where contracted from around the world to record an exact moment in time. Studio Scotland was sent to a wind farm in the Scottish Highlands to capture documentary images of one of those moments.

Crieff Hydro Hotel

Over the years, Crieff Hydro has contracted Studio Scotland to produce a wide range of video projects for TV commercials, web infomercials, plasma display and presentations. While it's always a joy to work in such settings, a tight production schedule is absolutely critical to achieve high quality results.

"The Studio Scotland team were a pleasure to work with, producing extraordinary results on a set budget and within a tight production schedule. Not only did they show great technological insight but
also a sound understanding of the brief and target audience
for each production. We look forward to working with them
again in the near future."
- Geoff Morrison (Marketing Manager , Crieff Hydro Hotel)


Brand-Rex, the world's second largest data cabling manufacturer came to Studio Scotland with high expectations for their company promotional movie and they weren't disappointed. They wanted something that would set them apart from the competition, and they got it. We also do training films in various languages for their engineers.

"Studio Scotland impressed from the very first meeting. Their enthusiasm and creativity are completely unique... They are quite simply the best small film production company we have ever encountered.
- Ian G Wilkie (Supply Chain Director, Brand-Rex Ltd)

Wine Importers UK

Wine Importers has been a leading independent wine supplier for over 30 years and after researching for a suitable production company, contracted Studio Scotland to produce their corporate film. Filming took place throughout Scotland and France.

"I can thoroughly recommend the team at Studio Scotland to produce the highest quality, dynamic film, exactly to fit the needs of their clients. They are great to work with and bend over backwards to give you exactly what you require... they delivered big time and we now have a very potent sales and marketing tool which will set us apart
from our competitors."
- Billy Bell (Managing Director, Wine Importers Ltd)

Chardon Wines

Chardon Wines is owned by the Murray Family and Studio Scotland was contracted to produce two promotional films at Château Routas in Bordeaux in the South of France and Jessiaume in Santenay in the North. Although a very tight schedule was required to keep pace with grape production, this was one of those jobs where the subject called for the creative use of light, shade and colouring.

Niall Mac / Yamaha at Knockhill

Capturing British motor cycle champion Niall Mackenzie as he put a Yamaha R1 through its paces at Knockhill Racing Circuit was quite a challenge. Strapped into and onto various platforms tracking the high speed motorcycle with a large format Hi Def broadcast camera inches from the tarmac produced beautiful images which have been used to showcase Sony's XDCAMHD 422 Codec and PDW-700 camera at broadcast events in Europe. To get the whole story plus an unforeseen ending, go to Sony XDCAM HD 422 Review.

The Master Stroke DVD Tutorial Series

Studio Scotland and St Astier Limes UK collaborated on what is hailed as the definitive – international collection of training DVDs in regard to Lime Mortar application within the building industry. From the ancient fortresses of King Herod's palace at Masada to the latest hotel structure in Las Vegas, these one hour long DVDs required a highly organised production schedule with demanding film and editing requirements. 'Behind the Scenes' .

" Due to our previously very successful working relationship… This format, established in conjunction with Studio Scotland’s marketing expertise, demonstrated that through training and product placement,
we could easily be in a position to radically change the knowledge
base of the industry in a time scale we would have considered unimaginable a few years ago. It’s a joy to work with seasoned, innovative professionals who know what is important for a
successful production and can deliver the goods on time..."
- Douglas Johnston (Technical Advisor , St. Astier Limes) ...more

The Thistle Foundation

The Thistle Foundation, headquartered in Edinburgh, chose Studio Scotland for their latest DVD project. Filming was set in and around Glasgow, with requirements to meet strict scheduling that required a fast shooting style yet with the need for thoughtful consideration to all who partook in the production.

We invited three companies to tender.. we made a good choice, going with Studio Scotland Ltd!... unfailingly patient and helpful... we have ended up with a fantastic film which we are very proud to show to potential students and employers
Nikki Bruce
(Project Manager - Thistle Foundation)

De 4 Tenors Opera, Odense, Denmark

Danish group "The 4 Tenors" contracted Studio Scotland to produce an opera documentary / promotional DVD. With special guest appearance by Norwegian bass-baritone Ronnie Johansen, the project was filmed in Odense. High Definition Footage from the film was recently used in a Danish Television programme. Behind the Scenes'

"First of all, a huge round of applause, not only with the amazing quality of the product but also the incredible speed with which you have made this..."
Thomas Praestegaard
(The Four Tenors)

CESA Saint-Astier, France

The beautiful town of Perigueux in Bordeaux set the stage for filming throughout this region of France where lime is mined from a vast cave system that spans over twenty miles. Hi Definition filming captured the subtleties of the lime mortar materials and their application... 'Behind the Scenes'

"Having worked with Studio Scotland before I am 100% sure that the final products threy produce will be excellent."
Dr Ugo Spano (Director Staint-Astier Limes) ...more

St. Astier Limes UK

Having a large covered training centre to be able to film various scenes such as the building of stone walls, mixing mortars and renders, surface repairs and wall renders using pressurised spray equipment, all without the worry of the Scottish weather. 'Behind the Scenes'

Fighting Fire (a division of Fife Builders Ltd)

Contracted by the Fife based company, Fighting Fire, to produce a corporate DVD and folder. Working alongside the Fife Fire & Rescue Service, the client was particularly impressed with the resulting Hi Definition footage of the burning room set. 'Behind the Scenes'

Hilton Hotels - Dunkeld House

Set in the heart of Perthshire, Dunkeld House, Hilton Hotels, is a beautiful setting to shoot a film. Fast flowing rivers, jumping salmon, majestic birds of prey and, of course, stunning scenery. Shot in a wide screen film format, filtration effects and a big screen music score to achieve the desired atmosphere... 'Behind the Scenes'

Historic Scotland & The Scottish Lime Centre

With director Stewart Menelaws having an engineering background, it was one of a number of reasons why we were chosen to replace and correct previously filmed material, going on to produce DVD & Web projects for The Scottish Lime Centre Trust.

". There is no substitute for working with professionals and there is no question Studio Scotland are all of that, they make the whole process easy..patient, helpful and courteous to a fault, and the results,'s been one of the best things we have ever done."
-Roz Artis-Young (Director Scottish Lime Centre Trust)

We have also been busy working for a number of international clients for a range of commercial and broadcast documentary projects from the USA and Europe.

Hilton Hotels has once again contracted Studio Scotland to create a number of marketing films to promote various hotel venues.

Studio Scotland has once again been asked to provide footage for Sony Europe’s latest showreel highlighting high-end camera systems utilising the XDCAMHD422 format.

Studio Scotland is also in the closing stages of creating a new multi media TV / Mobile platform.



When you contract the team at Studio Scotland Ltd… be in no doubt… YOU are in very good hands.

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