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Welcome to our 'Behind the Production Scenes' page where you can see our production team at work. The images below, caught on the fly, can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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CESA Saint-Astier, France & USA
Video Production: Industrial / Corporate video

Set in the heart of the French vineyard growing region, the historical town of Perigueux was a perfect backdrop to film the international limestone production company, CESA. As pictured, our arrival was quickly punctuated with a cuppa before leaving the airport. Our first day began with Dr Hugo Spano, acting as interpreter and guide, leading the way with a walk through the streets of Perigueux, taking note of the lime rendering on local historic building and finishing off with sampling oysters and scallops at a recommended eatery.

The following days saw us deep underground filming mining machinery. Although we had to work relatively quickly, we were able to bring in some supplementary lighting. In other cases, where there was no access to electricity, we utilised vehicle headlamps softened with diffusion sheets. Due to the nature of filming in the mine, particular attention to keeping the production equipment and captured footage relatively free of lime dust was paramount.

Once mining, processing, testing, packaging, and storage footage had been captured, we travelled to various locations, passing through fabulous scenes of winding rivers, undulating hills, picture postcard villages and, of course, vineyard after vineyard after...

Having arrived deep in the South of France, we prepared to film the laying on of the lime based product, Thermocromex. It was truly quite remarkable to watch as three highly skilled operators applied a two-tone render finish on a three bedroom villa within a few hours.

While travelling back to Perigueux we were asked about the haggis. This, of course, led to many a long yarn for which, for some unknown reason, our boom mic and furry wind cover, was labelled 'the killer haggis' and became the centre of focus for much conversation among French and American colleagues.

Back in the UK, and in the studio, editing began for the American market version first. However, the laughs continued for our client as voiceover artist, Jeremy Hitchen, recited the script in the character of John Wayne... You had to be there!

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You can view an edited version of the DVD here.

St. Astier Limes UK
Video Production: Training DVDs and web movies

After completing various projects for St Astier Limes in France for the USA market, we set about filming various projects for their UK agents here in Scotland. While safeguarding footage for future use, filming was done in Hi-Definition 1080p allowing us to transfer to whatever format needs are required at the time including web and mobile distribution, DVD and television broadcast.

These projects have been a challenge often requiring us to work quickly and in conditions were we have to protect our equipment from the devastating effects of lime dust.

St Astier Limes Agent, Masons Mortars, gave over their warehouse facilities to enable us to create film sets and, along with technical adviser Douglas Johnston, gave us the ability to shoot various building practices throughout the days we were there. Studio Scotland are always happy to work with Douglas, who is a keen film buff, or should we say, he loves the "Extras" section on DVD movies to see "behind the scenes" and how it is done. His enthusiasm and appreciation for using camera cranes, ladder dollies and other such filming techniques allow us to bring the project alive and give better production value.

While film and video production is the main area of the business, Studio Scotland used to also provided advertising & marketing, branding, brochure design, exhibitions, multi media systems, etc. years ago. But despite The Company's tremendous success, director Stewart Menelaws made the decision to shelve these other 'business to business' services, focusing more on its current production products. This ability to create all kinds of branded materials in-house, however, has enabled Studio Scotland to help clients, St Astier Limes UK, with their re-branding and marketing needs.

The St Astier production was completed with DVD folder and rebranded letterheads, business cards, web movie headers and other marketing aids.

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