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Welcome to our 'Behind the Production Scenes' page where you can see our production team at work. The images below, caught on the fly, can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Knockhill Racing Circuit
Video Production: Training & Chroma Key Presentation DVDs

Our next assignment, for client Knockhill Racing Circuit, involved the team filming well known bike and car racing champions like Touring Car champion Gordon Shedden, below. Using chroma key and other special effects, as expected, Studio Scotland produced a corporate DVD with plenty of zip.

Chroma key, or green/blue screen has long been the domain of big budget movies. In the last few years this technology has now been made available for productions on a much smaller scale but with the same visual impact. For this particular project it was important to devise a storyboard of events so that our racing celebrity presenters would match with the background film footage inserted at the edit stage. At a venue such as Knockhill, with plenty of very loud, unwanted ambient noise, sound recording can be a challenge. This is where top quality audio equipment is indispensable.

With chroma key, track footage and sound effects carefully edited, all are combined together to finish off the video production and DVDs.

Video Production: Corporate & Marketing DVDs & Web Movies

It's one thing to capture the action at places like Knockhill but quite another to make the action look dramatic... and this was the brief. It was decided from the outset to get as far away from the lifeless, one dimensional video footage that was being used to market this, otherwise, exciting racing circuit.

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Director, Stewart Menelaws, convinced the Knockhill marketing team to allow Studio Scotland to approach this project in a more cinematic style, similarly as they would shoot a feature film. Various techniques were employed that included helicopter, fast vehicle tracking, camera craning and colour grading in post production.

The resulting footage has been edited into various marketing tools, whether for sales presentation, DVDs, web movies, training and television adverts and be seen on large plasma displays throughout the Knockhill Racing complex.

A 'thank you' to the racing enthusiasts that email Studio Scotland, complimenting on the way we have captured their sport.

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