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Welcome to our 'Behind the Production Scenes' page where you can see our production team at work. The images below, caught on the fly, can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Hilton Hotels - Dunkeld House
Video Production: Corporate Promotional DVD

Hilton marketing and managerial staff were enthusiastic with the concept of this project right from the beginning. A tight shooting schedule and plenty of midge spray were required on this two camera shoot in the heart of Perthshire. Filming from land, sea and air kept us on our toes. Although time was shorter than we would have liked, production value was essential in our plan given the spectacular location. Camera crane, Steadycam and model helicopter were some of the techniques used to give impact. The filmic look was achieved by careful filtering, colour grading, and of course, large scale lighting sets for both indoor and outdoor scenes.

Once the crew had arrived Deborah Forrest, our producer, finalised the shooting schedule that was to encompass the many and varied services and events provided by the hotel. Every shot was carefully staged so as to capture the breadth and depth of this beautifully located hotel.

Fresh salmon was purchased specially for the fishing scenes, eagles and hawks performed for the cameras under the direction of the bird of prey handlers while a world master chef prepared various dishes that included several visual effects in the kitchen.

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Hadden Homes - Loch Tay
Photography: Advertising Materials

Set on the banks of Loch Tay, you couldn't have a more idyllic setting in which to create photographs that get the advertising juices flowing. There was only one problem though...

When we arrived the houses weren't finished and the surrounding area was a work site, complete with port-a-cabins, diggers, working lorries and builder's crew.

The difficulties with this commercial photography shoot are pretty self- explanatory and, therefore, we have used pictures to pretty much tell the story.

After assessing the location both inside and out, images are captured according to the given brief, keeping composition in mind how the images would be altered for the finished photos.

A few of the finished images... Photographic manipulation is not new to us at Studio Scotland; more than twenty years ago we would use various techniques such as air brushing, chemical treatments, in-camera multiple exposure effects and so on. In the last ten years, while computers and digital technologies have made life somewhat easier the same skills that require attention to detail still hold true.


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When you contract the team at Studio Scotland Ltd… be in no doubt… YOU are in very good hands.

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