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Welcome to our 'Behind the Production Scenes' page where you can see our production team at work. The images below, caught on the fly, can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Evans Easyspace with PM Gordon Brown
Video Production: Web movies / Corporate video

We were contracted to create a number of short web movies for Evans, showing the prime minister and other dignitaries from Fife as he was introduced to various individuals from the business community. Evans has a number of successful business centre developments in Scotland and is working in partnership with Fife council at the Kirkcaldy site.

When you film dignitaries, as the Prime Minister in this case, there are certain prerequisites you must except, prepare for and work around and this occasion was no different. With plenty of security measures in place, men in black talking to their wrists and no control over the events about to take place, being on your toes is only half the story. Add to this, less than desirable shooting conditions (e.g. springy creaky flooring and heavy machinery operation just outside the events marquee), for the less experienced film crew you have a disaster waiting to happen.

The brief for this ENG style shoot required us catching as much of the action as possible in hi-definition, with activities both in and outside the marquee, for commercial and industrial property investment and development company Evans Easyspace. As the finished corporate videos and web movies demonstrate, Evans Easyspace is actively involved in creating advanced commercial environments for Fife’s workforce.

Fighting Fire (a division of Fife Builders Ltd)
Video Production: Corporate DVD

For this production we were contracted by Fife based company, Fighting Fire, to create both corporate and training DVDs together with a brochure that would contain the disks. After close consultation, Studio Scotland put forward a media plan that was approved by the client. This involved filming various aspects of a fire sprinkler system.

In one filming location, working alongside the Fife Fire & Rescue Service, a room set was prepared within a condemned block of flats, made available by Fife Council.



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Fighting Fire (a division of Fife Builders Ltd)
Video Production: Corporate DVD

A hole was made through an adjoining partition wall so that the camera could be positioned in the relative safety of an adjoining room. Under controlled conditions a fire was started in the bedroom set.

Because of the potentially fatal consequences of filming in such conditions (with the possibility of toxic fumes), a fireman, fitted with the appropriate breathing equipment, was guided on basic camera functions so that he could start and stop filming on cue. The Studio Scotland team followed the progress via a high definition field monitor from a safe location. As expected, the sprinkler dowsed the fire in under a minute. Thanks to the reliability and high definition quality of the Sony XDCAM HD format, we were able to get the footage needed. A 'retake' was just not an option. Firemen then examined the set and hosed down areas as a precaution.

To complete the shooting for the Fighting Fire DVDs the team where required to film in a number of other locations including a nursing home, kindergarten, (as pictured) fire station, construction site, office headquarters and studio sets which incorporated chroma key presentation with Fenella Kerr.

To complete the project Studio Scotland designed and produced the brochure and DVD. You can view an edited version of one of the DVDs here.

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